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Introduction to Employee State Insurance

The Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Act becomes applicable when an ESIC applicable employees in the organization reaches a size of Ten employees. (see for more information). When the ESIC Act is applicable (now most of the companies will fall under the ESIC Act), the ESIC Scheme implies a 1.75% and 4.75% contribution of the monthly gross salary of the employee by both the employee and employer respectively.

ESIC is mandatory for any employee having a gross monthly salary less than or equal to INR 15,000.

ESIC Administration

Once chosen for a ESIC Scheme, an ongoing process of recording, coordinating and administrating starts. The main activities that are required to carry out are given below:




Obtain Sub-code for new branches



ESIC – Regulation – 32- for all branches (Manual Register) & LWF (Biannually)



Monthly preparation of branch-wise ESIC Challans & LWF Challans



Submission of monthly ESIC & LWF Challans



Submission of Form 1 (Deductions) to ESIC department



Obtaining TIC & PIC for employees



Preparation of RCC (Half Yearly) returns



Submission of RCC (Half Yearly) returns



Reply queries of Government authorities at various stages



Preparation of EC statement (branch wise) at the time of Annual Inspection



All back office support including all ESIC reports will be generated and provided by SEQUEL in soft format to the client, whereas the physical filling of the same at the respective locations would be taken care by THE CLIENT.

The Client will provide SEQUEL with a single point of contact for each location. The enrolment / nomination or any other required form will be couriered to the single point contact of the various locations by SEQUEL.

SEQUEL will follow up with the single point contacts via email, for filling all the forms and sending back the same to SEQUEL. Further, the handling of physical inspections will not be the responsibility of SEQUEL but will provide all the details and records required for the same.

Our Services

  • Our Benefit Services team is handling all of the mentioned activities for many of our clients and therefore we have experience with various situations and exceptions, as well as the relationships and track record with the authorities.
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