Information Technology

Application Development ?

Mission critical legacy applications take years to build and evolve. With the emergence of e-businesses, global corporations need to ensure the continuity of these applications while harnessing the power of the Internet. The resultant benefits to clients are flexibility in directing its resources towards core business, assurance that existing systems deliver consistent service levels and the significant cost savings. Some of the service offerings from SEQUEL are:

  • Application Development;
  • Application re-engineering;
  • Application enhancements;
  • Offshore maintenance support (Bug fixes, user support, and 24x7 support).

At SEQUEL we know that to cement a productive long - term relationship with a client, it is imperative that we internalize their organization culture and business practices. Only then can we work harmoniously as a single homogeneous unit. The key benefits to clients are:

  • Zero integration and start up period.
  • The ability to set measurable goals for growth.
  • Benefit from a learning organization.
  • Potential to convert to a joint venture or subsidiary.
  • ERP Implementation

E-Business ?

As companies embrace the logic of efficiency and cost-cutting in the face of a global economic downturn, the e-business emphasis has shifted to the more pragmatic goals of simplification and integration -applying cutting-edge Internet technologies to key processes within a tight framework of cost-benefit analysis. E-business methods, in short, have gained a place in every executive's toolbox. Used wisely, it can bring companies closer to their customers, disperse information widely (and almost effortlessly) and help reduce costs on previously labor-intensive activities, such as order processing and supply procurement. Our e-Business solutions reduce Total Cost of Ownership and provide better flexibility and scalability.

Application Maintenance ?

Maintaining enterprise-wide applications has become increasingly complex and costly for many companies. Aging mainframe systems, the continued shift to client/server and Web-enabled systems, mergers and acquisitions, and global expansion have forced companies to spend more time, effort and money to keep their applications running at peak efficiency. As a result, IT departments are devoting a significant portion of their budgets and staff to day-to-day management tasks, instead of focusing on more mission-critical projects to promote business growth. To relieve the drain on their IT resources, many leading companies have made the decision to outsource the maintenance and support of their applications to IT services firms.

Organizations typically outsource application maintenance to achieve the following objectives:

  • Re-deploy existing staff to new development efforts
  • Achieve higher user satisfaction
  • Lower existing maintenance costs
  • Provide better troubleshooting
  • Reduce response time
  • Improve stability, flexibility and security

Our application maintenance and support methodology takes a two-staged approach to application maintenance, based on recognized best practices and supported by a stable, state-of-the-art infrastructure, which are described below

  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Transition

  • Ongoing Maintenance / Steady State
  • Continues Improvement

Our Application Maintenance and Support Services comprises of:

  • Application Updates
  • Application Enhancements
  • Content Updates
  • Documentation
  • Error tracking and Debugging
  • Performance Testing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • User Support

Application Support ?

Although all the focus and intellectual effort of many organisations is to build a new system to overcome some business problem or need, they sometime forget the equally large support costs. “Spending on operations usually takes up over half the total IT budget, with much of the money going on support and maintenance?(Gartner 23rd December 2003).

If you are not ready to move your development projects offshore, you can certainly move to the application support service.

For many organisations, once an application has been completed, the original development personnel are released on to new projects. In fact, often as the application enters the testing phase, the development team is gradually reduced. Application support in the west is often not seen as “sexy?and staff retention rate for those handling this role is low. This is not true for our offshore developers. They are grateful to be working on systems that have been produced in the west and enjoy improving them.

The first line of call for a customer support query can either be on the customer’s site or at one of our affiliated offshore call-centres. The main difference is cost. If on-site either the customer or SEQUEL Software operates an internal help desk. For offshore support the telephone number that the customer calls is typically a local number (for example 0870 or 0845 prefixed in the UK). We maintain a team of offshore support analysts and developers to handle second and third line support. Depending on the size and scale of the application we can maintain a permanent team dedicated for the support contract.

Typically, if SEQUEL Software’s Application Maintenance service is also used there is an overall cost reduction. The start-up cost and training time required for the support analysts is reduced.

Product Development ?

At SEQUEL Software we differentiate between Application and Product development. Product development to us is the development of software that is sold commercially either on its own or as a part of a larger product, such as a hardware device. The development approach and discipline is the same, but the final packing and delivery is slightly different. In addition, there are a few additional steps in the testing process.

Companies have turned to us to build products that they market and distribute themselves (for example

If you need integration with your own designed hardware, we have engineers experienced in device driver development (DDK), therefore we are able to provide the interface to outside world for your product. If necessary, we are able to develop any applications to be shipped with your product.

Web Design & Development ?

Many organisations are not ready to launch into a full scale e-Business initiative, but they want to possess a quality web site that provides a strong presence. These organisations just do not have the time or capability to build a professional web site. Often it is not their specialty. They turn to SEQUEL Software and use our creative talents to put this together.

A web site also needs a domain and hosting. Through our relationships with hosting companies we are able to get your site registered and online within a few hours.

A good well designed web site is becoming increasingly important. At SEQUEL Software we employ tried and tested 7 step process.

The 7 step process:

  1. Discover - Research the industry & understand audience expectations
  2. Define - Set goals and objectives, & establish requirements
  3. Structure - Define content, site map and individual page functionality
  4. Design/prototype - Produce visual designs and protoype site, usability test
  5. Build & test - Produce production version of site, QA test, user test, bug fixing
  6. Launch - Signoff for launch, register and host domain, move to live environment, soft launch to ensure integrity, hard launch
  7. Evaluate & maintain - Review site against original goals and objectives, determine continued development

Our web site development service is often the start of a longer term relationship. Many customers migrate to e-Business solution where we include additional services on their web site, provide an internal Intranet and provide some of the processes that provide the day-to-day operation for their company.

Consultancy ?/p>

Employing a consultative approach, our team of skilled IT specialists work with you to provide a tailored solution to meet your exact business and budgetary requirements.

Projects include PC Installation, Network Setup, Windows upgrade, Package Selection & Configuration, thin client technology (Terminal Services), WAN, LAN, Wireless, Mobile Technology, VPN design and implementation for companies in numerous market sectors.

Our consultancy extends beyond projects to a broader managed service. A number of organisations have realised the considerable benefits of IT outsourcing, and have entrusted the management of their IT infrastructure to us.

Whatever your needs, we share with you a strategic vision and plan for successful IT decision-making with practical business benefits.

Technology ?/p>

Web Technologies

Web development Tools

ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, Java, Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, Perl, CGI, PHP, Java script, WML, WebLogic, Web Sphere, Web Objects, TCP/IP, Socket programming.

Visual Studio.2003, Cold Fusion, JRun, FrontPage, Flash, Dreamweaver, Web Matrix

Web Servers/Application Servers

Programming Languages

Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache

C, C++, VB, VB.Net, Java, VC++, MFC, JDK, SQL, SDK, DDK, Delphi, Assembler.

Enterprise Databases

Desktop Databases

Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2

SQL Anywhere, MS Access, Visual FoxPro, MSDE, Paradox, dBase, Codebase

Operating Systems

Interface Builders/Programming Tools

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/CE, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Palm OS

Visual Studio (Visual Basic, Visual C++), Delphi, Appforge (Palm), COM+/MTS


Designer Tools

BroadVision, WAP, SMS, Web Objects, UML, SOAP

ColdFusion Studio, Designer 2000, Rational Rose, Erwin, Visio

Application Servers


BEA WebLogic, Websphere


Software Development Cycles


Rational Unified Process, Component Based Development, Rapid Application Development, Multi-tier Application Development

SSL, AES, RSA, DES, Blowfish, Twofish.

Outsourcing Models ?/p>

At SEQUEL Software we provide a number of different outsourcing models to suit your needs. Each has its own merits. The key aim is to achieve significant cost saving whilst maintaining the same or improved quality. At SEQUEL Software we are extremely flexible, so if you would like to try a different variation, please feel free to discuss this with us.

SEQUEL Software's outsourcing delivery models consists of:

  • Onsite Model
  • Onsite-Offshore Model
  • Offshore Model

Different delivery models distribute the outsourcing team among onsite, offsite, and offshore locations differently. As the volume of routine work required increases, so do the opportunity for leveraging offshore team and thereby increasing your cost savings. Offshore development offer substantial cost savings without sacrificing response time or quality.

Onsite Model ?/p>

The onsite model is where the entire outsourcing team is located at your site. This model works best for complex applications with evolving standards, frequent user inputs, and changing requirements.

Onsite-Offshore Model ?/p>

The onsite-offshore model is where the outsourcing team is distributed between onsite and offshore locations. This model works best when knowledge transfer is more long term or the applications are more complicated and there is a flexible turnaround time. The onsite-offshore model is more cost effective than the onsite model.

Offshore Model ?/p>

The offshore lab model is where the outsourcing team is distributed between onsite and offshore locations. The offshore team focuses on application development, testing, and maintenance initiatives. Building an offshore lab is best suited when the project has significant volumes and an evolving specification. The engagement is usually long term. Having a virtual extension of the client systems available to the offshore team and strategic pricing are the main benefits realized with the offshore lab model.

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